Timi AD-2038 Cash Money Detector

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TIMI Note Detector is a machine to detect fake or real cash money. It can help to sort out the fake money using ultra violet light that maybe humans can never see the different using their own eyes.

Cash Counting Machine is a device which help counting cash, in form of currency bills or coins. With the passage of time and advancement of technology design, features of the cash counting machine has developed to be more sophisticated. The cash counting machine functions to sort and count the currency bills and coins.

The Note Detector Features:
Compact And Portable
Easy to Use
Energy Saving AUTO On/Off Switch
Powerful UV Light Detector (15W Lamp)
Magnetic Ink Detection Sensor
Flourescent Light For Watermark Verification
Power Supply : 220v 50~60Hz / 110v 50~60Hz
Power Consumption :<10w
Dimensions : 190 x 130 x 140mm
Net Weight : 0.65kgs
What's in the box 1 x Timi AD-2038 Cash Money Detector
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